Things to do



Artichaut is a local shop selling craft pieces from UK and Breton-based artists, as well as a centre for art workshops and courses.


Horses are welcome at Ty Dour Bras. Les Monts d’Arrée is a popular place for horse riding and hiking, the trails are marked for this purpose. You will be able to consult maps for your future walks in the living room of the gite.

No additional charge will be required if you bring and install your own electric fence. For an additional 5€ we can provide you with an electric fence if required, and if you would like us to install it too, there would be an additional 15€ in total. Food like hay, for example, is not included: we can order and buy hay if necessary, for 4€ per botte.

In any case, you are asked to pick up the waste left by your horses before leaving. Upon your arrival at Ty Dour Bras a discharge will be requested and signed.


There are many local fishing opportunities including the scenic Lake Brennilis, where you can catch trout and pike.


We have adult bicycles available for your use, on request.


There are hiking and walking trails which start from your accommodation. Plans of many of these are available in the gite.


Brasserie An Alarc’h

The An Alar’ch brewery is a Breton brewery located in La Feuillée in Finistère. It has existed since 1998 and in 2010 it joined the Tri Martolod cooperative (which is also a brewery). An Alar’ch means “swan” in Breton.

Fauconnerie Bretagne

Fauconnerie Bretagne is a local bird of prey centre which offers courses and training in the art of falconry half day, day, 3 days, 5 days, and even more to the needs of clients.

Thérapies Holistiques

Psycho-Énergie Bretagne offers two places of support and healing in Finistère, in La Feuillée and in Brest, in a space of benevolence, supportive and without judgement, where you will have the opportunity to explore what you think is important in your daily life , in privacy.